Finding Time to Write

People who knew I was writing a book would often ask me where and when did I find the time to write. My first book has been in the making for a long time. Some would argue too long but that’s okay because I wasn’t in a rush to finish my work or leave my full-time job, and I’m still not.

So, when do I write? Well, whenever I can. I began the writing journey for my first novel in April 2016 when I was hit with a wave of inspiration while vacationing in Cuba.

2016 up to the latter part of 2018 was a very busy time in my life. Apart from working full-time, I planned my bachelorette party and wedding which included making table decorations from scratch. I got married in October 2016. After the wedding, I planned our honeymoon, started a new position at work in May 2017, fell pregnant in February 2018 and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy in October 2018.

The time I devoted to writing varied but I made a point to never leave home without my notebook. I spent every day to and from work via public transport, an approximate two-hour commute writing ideas, setting, developing characters, plot, pieces of dialogue or scenes, whatever came to mind. When I had a good grasp of where my story was headed I put it together again all by hand. After recuperating from the wedding I had the mental and physical capacity to devote some extra time to writing before bed.

Sometimes I had to bench my writing because other events in my life had to be the priority, for example, the week before my wedding I wasn’t writing I was busy running around, calling people, making sure everything was ready. Another example was when I started my new job in May I had to pass an exam for a certification required for the position so I replaced the time I spent writing with studying. During my pregnancy, there were days I was so nauseous or exhausted I couldn’t even stand, writing was out of the question.

My advice, If you can write every day even if it’s only one sentence but, when other areas of your life take over and become the priority don’t feel bad or guilty about putting your writing on the side it can happen. What’s important is don’t lose track of your goals. Remember that whatever is occupying your writing time it’s temporary. Once you are in the clear dive right back into it and don’t give up. Keep moving forward.

Right now I am lucky enough to be on maternity leave and I write when my son is napping and after I put him down for the night.

Till next time, live your happiest life.

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