Plot & Structure Part 1

What is a Plot:

   A plot is the process of building your story, spinning your thoughts, and ideas into a worthy tale. The plot encompasses all the events and actions that happen in your story. It pushes the story forward with dramatic event after dramatic event within the confines of your narrative. Your Plot starts with the first word of your story and carries the story through the middle and onto the end.

You can also consider your plot in terms of the questions that are raised within the narrative and the answers you present to your readers. BY no means does this mean that your story has to be full of action and adventure. A good plot manages events throughout the story revealing and unwrapping questions, answers, and events while remaining true to the logic and or rules you set within the narrative of your story.

Your plot will drive your story forward one chapter and scene at a time. As authors our job is to create suspense within the narrative and build it up then release it and build it up again, We do this over and over until the answers we provided no longer raise new questions this is usually by the climax, and in the denouement, we tie up loose ends.

Like characters, plots have arcs. The plot arc and the character arcs should run parallel to each other throughout your story for the most dramatic effect. Typically a character arc will show the internal progression of a character through their motivations, conflicts, and resolutions. Plot arc, on the other hand, will show the external progressions.

A note on conflict. Conflict is the resistance or opposition the protagonist has to face and provokes the characters into making choices which push the story forward. Resistance can take many shapes it could be the antagonist, but it could also be a force of nature, higher power and so on.

In summary, the plot is how the questions asked in your narrative are answered. The plot is also the means of following the protagonist through a series of events that lead to a resolution, whether or not they achieve their goals.

Till next time live your happiest life.

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