Plot & Structure Part 5

Plot is the most common way to structure a story this includes diving your plot into the 3 act structure. However, there do exist stories that have no plot at all. This form of a plotless story works well for short stories and less well for narrative forms bigger than short stories.

The narrative of a story without plot will be centered around symbols, impressions, wordsmithing among other techniques that create and center around a narrative.

The goals of such stories are to evoke emotions, moods, explore themes and share experiences. Authors use this model to explore some aspect of the human condition.

Triumph vs. Tragedy is another model an author can use to structure a story. Setting out to have your protagonist triumph in the face of adversity would be the goal of your story.

Tragedy happens over and over again and the protagonist fails over and over again along the journey towards the point of redemption/climax. Towards the climax, the protagonist overcomes the urge to give up and make one more stand a final confrontation, the end of which the protagonist has the option to accept or reject redemption.

In this type of structure, often the story starts past the status quo. The status quo is mentioned and assumed to give the reader some context but as an author, you would want to jump straight into the struggle. The best way to stay on track in this type of structure is to set up milestones for your character. On a separate note, you do not have to write towards redemption but if drama is your goal you can bet a redemption arc is the way to go.

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