Here is a list of Resources that I have personally used to help launch my writing career and a little bit about why I like them.

Dartfrog Books is the independent publishing platform I used for my publishing needs. I researched many different independent publishing companies beforehand and did not come to the decision lightly. What initially drew me to Dartfrog was the guarantee of bookstore placement and promotion to book clubs and the fact that I kept all the rights to my work. Why I hired them for their publishing services was because of the level of professionalism I encountered. They kept me in the loop throughout the entire process with regular updates and prompt responses to my inquiries.

I came across the Alliance of Independent Authors while I was researching different independent publishing companies and looking at their reviews. This is a great site and a must for all independent authors. they have great resources available for non-members. My personal favorite service available on their site is their vetting service. They vet author service providers for independent authors and self-publishing, you can find everything from aggregators to website developers and everything in between. It was actually through their website that I came across Dartfrog books. If you are looking for a credible person or business to work with for any aspect of the writing and publishing process I highly recommend taking a look at the Alliance of Independent Authors.